1. Subject

The present agreement governs, on the one hand, general terms and conditions of pursuing the online courses conducted by Swiss Mode SA, and, on the other hand, organization of the teaching process.

2. Registration

  • Upon receipt of the application, Swiss Mode SA does not guarantee the student are automatically enrolled in the online courses. 
  • The student or his/her legal representative will be informed about enrolment decision only after Swiss Mode SA verifies the submitted documents and conducts a personal interview with the applicant. 
  • Swiss Mode Sa reserves the right to deny admission in case the student does not meet certain admission requirements.
  • Swiss Modes is entitled to set additional admission requirements and make stipulations in case of doubt.
  • Admission into the course is subject to the student’s study in the subsequent year.
  • The student shall undertake for skipping the classes, be it a valid or invalid reason. The student is not entitled to claim any refund or compensation for the missed classes. The student may not claim any refund or compensation in case of quitting the courses. In all the circumstances, the tuition fees are non-refundable.
  • The present contract enters into force upon following the online registration link.
  • The present contract gets enacted upon registering for the online courses by means of all possible communication options: in writing, by email, sms, what’s app, etc. Upon registering for the online courses, the student confirms that he/she agrees with the prices and accepts the general terms and conditions in full. 


  • Admission into the courses starts with filling into the registration form and signing the contract which is to be duly signed and supported with relevant and supportive documents. Registrations are processed in the order of their receipt. Upon registering for the online courses, the student confirms that he/she agrees with the prices and accepts the general terms and conditions in full.
  • The student of minor age must provide the letter of parental consent. 

  • The registration fee includes the cost of administrative procedures, registration on the BTEC official platform, infrastructure / machine / equipment maintenance and up-keeping, water cooler, comforts, cafeteria. 

  • The registration fee does not cover entrance cost into exhibitions and museums, trips, additional expenses, registration cancellation on the official BTEC platform in case the student quits or is expelled, examination fees, visa application fees for foreign students, accommodation fees and other additional costs that are invoiced and paid separately. 

  • All tools, accessories and materials required for education are the student’s responsibility and are purchased at the student’s expense. 

  • The expenses that are not clearly defined as “included” are paid by the student additionally. 

3. Tuition fee

  • Swiss Mode SA offers hight-quality education that meets the requirements of the most rigid international standards of the fashion industry.

  • Education at Swiss Mode school is mainly conducted in English and partially in French.

  • The tuition fee at Swiss Mode is presupposed by the limited number of students to ensure high-quality education. In case certain classes are cancelled, they are conducted later on with no adverse effect on the education process.

  • Upon enrolment the student shall pay the registration and tuition fees in full irrespective of the date of actual admission into the course. 

  • The tuition fee covers the premises upkeeping, available machines and tools, professional library, water dispenser, cafeteria area, etc.

4. Evaluation (HNC/HND/BA)

  • The student shall stick to the evaluation deadlines, hand in home projects and presentations on time. 

  • In case the set deadlines are violated, the student takes full responsibility for not meeting the requirements. 

  • The cost of the finals is paid solely by the student. 

  • Swiss Mode SA reserves the right not to permit the student to take examinations for the BA degree.

5. Payment Terms

  • The registration fee must be paid by the student once the registration for online courses, seminars, master classes is completed. Once the registration fee is paid, participation in the courses is guaranteed. 

  • Upon completion of registration for HNC/HND and BA, the student receives confirmation. Once the confirmation is received, the student must make the payment. 

  • The registration fee is non-refundable and is not included in the tuition fee. 

  • The tuition fee is paid once the invoice is issued. 

  • The tuition fee must be fully prepaid before the commencement of education. 

  • Swiss residents might apply for different payment terms subject to certain requirements are fulfilled

  • Invoices must be paid within the timeframe specified in the invoices. Otherwise, such invoices will be considered overdue. 

  • In case of delay in payment, Swiss Mode reserves the right to suspend the student from the classes that will not be repeated even after the payment is received. 

  • Swiss Mode reserves the right to charge interest on overdue payments.

6. Curriculum. Possible modifications.

  • Swiss Mode reserves the right not to conduct the planned course should the number of the registered students is below the limit or should it be objectively deemed impossible. 

  • Swiss Mode reserves the right to postpone or reorganize the course, change location and modify the course itself. 

  • In case of emergency (for instance, the tutor falls ill, the location needs to be changed, absence of the staff, etc.), Swiss Mode is entitled to modify the program with no preliminary notification. These being the case, the student may not require any refund or compensation. 

  • The students will be informed in advance should the course be delayed or postponed. In case the class cannot be conducted due to force-majeure (including but not limited to emergency, tutor’s illness, etc.), no refunds or compensations are provided. Should this be the case, the students are informed immediately. 

  • In case the staff is insufficient to conduct a certain course or a class, Swiss Mode reserves the right either to modify the cost upwards or to reschedule this course/class for a later date. This being the case, no refunds or compensations are provided.

7. Absence or cancellation

  • In case of specific and unique trainings or courses where the number of participants is strictly limited, cancellation is not permitted upon completion of registration and receipt of confirmation from Swiss Mode. 

  • In case the student cancels participation in such unique and specific courses/trainings, the student shall pay the full cost of the course/training. The registration fees are non-refundable either. 

  • The student quitting the course before it is finished may not demand any refund or compensation. 

  • Skipped and missed classes shall not be refunded and repeated for the absentee. 

  • In case the student is absent due to illness or emergency, this absence is considered well-justified only if the relevant doctor’s certificate is provided. 

  • The student’s absence over a protracted period of time caused by personal circumstances, including military service, does not entitle the student to demand any refund, compensation or repeat of the skipped classes. 

  • The student is obliged to take and attend at least 80% of the course for HNC/HND/BA to be admitted for the following academic year. 

  • In case the student’s attendance is lower, Swiss Mode reserves the right to oblige the student to repeat the academic year. This being the case, the contract terms and conditions remain in force. 

8. Contract value change

  • Swiss Mode reserves the right to change the cost of the course as well as the general terms and conditions with no prior notification. 

  • The student shall regularly check the CG link for updated information.

9. Personal data security

  • Following the terms and conditions, Swiss Mode understands that the information submitted by the student upon registration is confidential and may not be revealed to the third party. 

  • Swiss Mode reserves the right to use the following information at its own and sole discretion: the name of the student, projects, presentations, homework, achievements data, etc. 

10. Intellectual property right

  • Such information and materials as the brand name, logos, domains found in the official Swiss Mode website are the intellectual property of Swiss Mode and protected by the copyright legislation of Switzerland. 

  • None of the parts of Swiss Mode website or provided materials may be copied, reproduced, sold, published, reprinted or used by the third party by any means or in any form without the preliminary consent issued in writing by Swiss Mode. 

  • All students’ projects developed in the course of study at Swiss Mode school are considered the intellectual property of Swiss Mode SA and may not be used by the students or any third party without the preliminary consent issued in writing by Swiss Mode.

11. Copyrights for documents and images

  • The students receiving any documents or images in the course of study at Swiss Mode shall use such materials for study purposes only. 

  • The students are not allowed to copy, photocopy or video copy such materials and provide these materials to the third party without the preliminary consent issued in writing by Swiss Mode SA. 

  • The students are not allowed to videotape the classes, tutors/teachers, staff and provide these materials to the third party without the preliminary consent issued in writing by Swiss Mode SA. 

  • The students are not allowed to copy and reproduce in any possible form the content of the books and relevant materials, including the data that the students have access to on professional platforms (the same concerns passwords to such professional platforms). 

  • The students breaching the copy right and intellectual property right are subject to prosecution. 

  • Prosecution does not exempt violators from liability for financial damages.

12. Obligations

  • The student shall take good care of all the tools and equipment provided by Swiss Mode. 

  • In case of failure, the student shall compensate for the caused damages. 

  • The student is required to have public liability insurance covering the damage that might be caused.

  • Swiss Mode shall bear no responsibility for the loss or fraud of the student’s personal belongings. 

  • Swiss Mode shall bear no responsibility for any damage caused to the student’s belongings during the class. 

  • Swiss Mode bears no responsibility for the company’s damages for which the student carries out his/her activities. 

  • Swiss Mode is fully responsible for the content and quality of the class/course/program but may not be responsible for the student’s involvement and performance.

13. Applicable law

  • The present general terms and conditions are governed by the Swiss legislations.

  • In case of translation, the French version prevails.

14. Jurisdiction

In case of dispute, jurisdiction of Vevey, Vaud is applied.