Pattern Maker

This course is a complete preparation for the profession of Pattern Maker. A Pattern Maker is a strategic player for any company interested in clothing manufacturing. They transform a designer’s drawings into a pattern.

Their job consists of creating patterns from the project to prototype. They have to  execute the designer’s idea with precision, and maintain the proportions and style of the original drawing. A Pattern Maker ensures the fit of  a garment and supervises the prototype production to guarantee the industrial reproduction of a garment.

This course will help you develop the following fundamental qualities for being a Pattern Maker:

  • Creativity
  • Technique
  • Organization 
  • Interpretation

This course also covers the basics of human anatomy to help familiarise you with the forms, shapes, and movement of the human body; essential knowledge for creating stylish and comfortable garments.

The main subjects covered in this course are:

  • Theory
  • Pattern making
  • Dress making
DiplomaPattern Maker
Duration (CH permit/passport holders)1-2 years
Duration (non CH permit/passport holders)**Not applicable
Price (CHF)*20,200

*Does not include fees for application,  exams with Insituto di Moda Burgo in Milan, room & board, insurances, student visa application, transport.

**Insufficient hours to qualify for student visa–short courses of 3 months are an alternative.

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