millinery hat making

Millinery Hat Making

millinery hat making

The meaning of the word “Millinery” comes from French language and it means fashion lover. The major talent of a hatmaker is creating new trends, realizing accessories that range from simple headgear to real artistic creations, which complete the look of the customer. 


The program is essentially practical and it consists in workshops that aim to teach an ancient craft, made of tradition and innovation. The course focuses on the study of patterns and on the realization of various types of hats and accessories (headbands, facial tissues and combs for brides) identifying the right materials and the correct measurements. Once the basic tools are acquired, the student will proceed studying decoration techniques, such as making fabric flowers, dyeing and embroidery applications on the framework. The study of materials and technical terminologies are also provided to the student.


  • Millinery course presentation, the history and various trends over the decades in fashion and costumes
  • The necessary tools used in millinery 
  • Study of sewing and different finishing techniques
  • Study and realization of hats and fascinators with buckram base and fabric
  • Study and realization of hats and fascinators using sinamay fabric
  • Study and realization of hats and fascinators using parasisal fabric
  • Study and realization of hats and fascinators by using felt cones
  • Study and practice of different techniques to realize decorative elements
  • Study and realization of flowers by using different types of fabrics and materials
  • Realization of Bridal and Haute Couture accessories



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Total hours: 300 Realization of 15 hatsLesson duration: 3 hours

Schedule examples: Duration: 7 months – weekly lessons: 4Duration: 3 months – weekly lessons: 8

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