Our Mission – Swiss Mode


International Fashion Design School


SWISS MODE is an academically rigorous International School which provides talented, competent and ambitious students from diverse backgrounds with a top-notch, distinctive, and hands-on education and training covering all facets of art, design and fashion industry.

SWISS MODE School strives to produce market ready graduates with the knowledge and skills to succeed in the fashion world as well as to connect students with industry professionals to further their development and employment opportunities. By creating an inclusive School culture that encourages diversity of thought and opinion, SWISS MODE School sets its heart on teaching its students to always consider the impact of their action upon the community, people and the environment.


SWISS MODE School will create the new faces of the global fashion industry, who will be abiding by and advocating the core values instilled in them by the School.


Our core values align with the challenges and shifts in the global economy, society and environment, which animates our mission and vision.

  1. We strive to deliver top-notch, creative and innovative education and training;
  2. We empower our students to assume responsibility for their own experiences. We challenge our students to achieve their full potential, academically and personally. We encourage our students to strive for healthy balance in their lives, to effectively manage life transitions as well as to think openly and globally;
  3. We treat everyone with respect regardless of ethnic, racial, political, sexual, religious or any other status or origin;
  4. We are fully committed to ethical and moral standards;
  5. We support sustainable and environmentally friendly industries that reduce nature pollution and animal extinction in order to save the world for future generations;
  6. We strive to be proactive in tackling social burning issues arising at the community, country and global level;
  7. We exhibit our willingness to cross boundaries and create partnerships to strengthen our efforts and to effectively collaborate with local and global communities.